In modern textile plants with high speed machines, its only possible to produce and keep the quality high by having good air-conditioning systems maximum productivity is obtained from the system by keeping the humidity and temperature constant at a required level while keeping the working environment clean always.

Rotary Drum Filter

• Automatic travelling suction nozzles

• High pressure suction fan

• Modular design

• Automatic control depending on differential pressure or time-delay

• Separated drive system for drum and traveler

• Powder coated painting


Used as an economical solution for first stage filtration of airstreams with high fiber content.

Compating Unit

Separating and compacting units process synthetic and natural fibers like cotton. Air contaminated by waste fiber is removed by suction from the production process, separated from the airstreams and then deposited in bugs or containers.

Cyclone Seperator And Compactor

Designed for first stage filtration of airstreams with high dust, coarse particle and short fiber content.

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