Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing Applications

The dusts are divided into two according to the chemical origin: Organic dusts and inorganic dusts.

While organic dusts don’t accumulate in the lungs, inorganic dusts accumulate in the lungs, threatening the human health.

Chemical industry has various chemical substances produces from synthetic rubber, rubber, detergent, paper, various acids, synthetic oils to pharmaceuticals have a common problem that is hazardous to human health and environment.

That’s why chemical powders must be specially managed while packaging.

These products are usually explosive and flammable in powder form. Ulpadust will keep you clean while maintaining safer and healthier environments. Ulpadust can supply ATEX certified products and compatible systems for your dust collection applications.

Some application areas;

  • Production of basic chemicals
  • Chemical fibers
  • Manufacture of organic and inorganic substances
  • Paint and pigment production
  • Plastic and resin industry